For each piece of content you read, and for any game or quiz you complete, you'll earn points.On our homepage, we display the maximum number of points you could earn for each article, game, or quiz. 

We award 4 points per break for completing games and reading articles UNLESS it's a game of skill, such as trivia. However, if you "Skip" any steps, you will earn 0 points for that step. Below is a breakdown by content type:

Articles: Earn 4 points by clicking a voting button.

Build Your Own: Earn 4 points for submitting your creation.

Checklist: Earn 4 points for submitting your selections.

Drag and Drop: Earn 4 points for completing the puzzle correctly.Fill-in-the-Blank: Earn 4 points upon submission.

Memory Match: Earn 4 points regardless of the amount you get correct.

Personality Quiz: Earn 4 points upon completion.

Poll: Earn 4 points for voting.

Spot the Difference: Earn 4 points for finding all the differences.

Trivia: Earn 4 point regardless of the amount you get correct.

User-Generated Content (submit a photo, meme, postcard, etc.) : Earn 4 points for submitting content.

We have a few opportunities across the site to earn additional points. You can also earn points each day by playing our Daily Spin game. Visit the site every day to earn an additional spin each day, up to 5 spins per day. The jackpot is 40,000 points!