Breaker Badges are markers of the accomplishments you have achieved on Dailybreak.

Here is the full list of badges and how you can earn them. You can also see this list and your progress towards earning each one in your Profile. When you earn a Badge, you will get additional points.

Breaker Badges:

Newcomer - Complete 10 Breaks, earn 40 bonus points

Celeb - Complete 50 Breaks, earn 125 bonus points

Rockstar -  Complete 175 Breaks, earn 325 bonus points

Superstar - Complete 500 Breaks, earn 1,000 bonus points

Amigo - Friend 10 people on Dailybreak site, earn 40 bonus points

Tipster - Get 5 new users to sign up, earn 35 bonus points

Newshound - Get 10 new users to signup, earn 150 bonus points

Informer - Get 25 new users to signup, earn 400 bonus points

Emcee - Post 10 comments, earn 25 bonus points

Socialite - Post 75 comments, earn 250 bonus

Einstein -  Complete 25 Trivia Breaks and get 100% correct, earn 200 bonus points

Watson -  Score 100% on 200 trivia games, earn 200 bonus points

YoYo – Visit the site 30 days in a row, earn 750 points

Boomerang - Come back to the site for 90 days in a row, earn 1,500 bonus points

Certified Breaker [Retired] - Fill in gender, age, zip, earn 50 bonus points

Verified User -Verify your email address, earn 50 bonus points

Mona Lisa - Create a username and upload a profile picture, earn 50 bonus points

Special Badge Loyalty - For previous Dailybreak users who were around prior to Nov 16, 2016

Special Badge: Grand Slam  - Come back to the site 365 days in a row, earn 15,000 bonus points