As you earn points over time, regardless if you spend them, you’ll be working towards new Levels. With each Level reached, you can earn access to additional rewards and earn bonus points! Go to your Profile to check out your progress as you move towards the next level. 

COFFEE BREAKER: 75 - 300 Lifetime PointsAccess to Sweepstakes 

LUNCH BREAKER: 301 - 1,250 Lifetime PointsAccess to Lunch Breaker store items

WEEKEND BREAKER: 1,251 - 7,500 Lifetime PointsAccess to Weekend Breaker store items25% point bonus for all breaks completed

SPRING BREAKER: 7,501 - 26,000 Lifetime PointsAccess to Spring Breaker store items50% point increase for all breaks completed

SUMMER BREAKER: 26,001 + Lifetime Points75% point increase for all content read or completedRead and play as much as you like (no content limits)